Love Your Whole Life Questionnaire

I’m Brett Wilcox.

I’m a hubby, dad, vegan, runner, award-winning author, Professional Counselor, and my kids will tell you I’m a nut case.

I’m currently writing a future best-selling sassy weight loss book highlighting a whole foods plant strong diet.

I’m hunting–vegetarian style–for people who have exchanged their Standard American Diet (SAD) for a plant strong diet.

Diverse people are drawn to a plant-based diet for diverse reasons. I’m interested in gathering stories from all sorts of people: black, brown, red, white, or purple, male or female, gay, bi, tri, or straight, body builders, ballerinas, or couch potatoes, fat or skinny, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, agnostic, or atheist.

I’ve included a tasty tidbit from my book so you can see whether you want to have anything to do with me and this fun project.

Even if you don’t fill out the questionnaire, if you’re interested in purchasing a copy of the book or possibly offering a review on Amazon once it’s published, please send your email address my way via the form on the right side of this page. I’ll let you know when my book takes the world by storm.

Important: There are a lot of questions in this questionnaire. Sometimes Internet forms don’t work right. I’d hate to see you share your story and then lose it when you hit the submit button. Please copy and paste the questionnaire into a Word document. Complete and save the questionnaire in Word. Then paste your responses back into the form.

Feel free to skip or answer specific questions as you see fit.

Thank you very much!

Love Your Whole Life Questionnaire

  • Overall health? Level of energy? Involvement in sports/exercise/physical movement? Joy with movement/exercise? Aches, pains, and illnesses? Skin, hair, or nails? Weight? Please share specific health benefits you've gained from your whole foods plant strong diet. (ie., weight loss, reduction in illness, reversal of disease, etc.)
  • How much do you enjoy your body/appearance? Overall level of confidence? Sense of inner peace or serenity? Zest for life? Happiness? Pleasure over small things? Enjoyment from the food you eat?
  • How "sharp" do you feel? How's your memory? Desire to learn/curiosity?
  • Connection with God/religion/Higher Power/nature? Connection with other people? Connection with animals? Sense that you're fulfilling your destiny? Sense of integrity? Sense of gratitude and appreciation for the food you eat?
  • Quality of relationships with family? Quality of relationships with friends? Quality of relationship with animals? Quality of relationship(s) with romantic partner(s)? (Yes, you can talk about sex.)
  • Cost of food gone up or down? Medical bills? Health insurance costs? Has your new and improved appearance impacted your career?
  • Which, if any of these (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational, financial) aspects of your life, would you rank as your biggest motivator/reason for maintaining your commitment to a whole foods plant centered diet?
  • How would you describe your "before" diet? How would you describe your "after" diet?
  • What books or authors have most influenced you to make the change to a whole foods plant based diet?
  • Did you make the change primarily on your own or with the support of other people/organizations?
  • Identify those people or organizations who provide you with the most support. (ie, friends, cousin, Weight Watchers, on-line support group, etc.)
  • Identify the people or organizations who have most resisted your plant-strong diet. How do they show that resistance? What do they say to you?
  • Do you think your current diet is "complete" or is it still evolving? If it's still evolving, what further changes do you envision for yourself?
  • Some folks believe that people who eat a whole foods plant based diet live with deprivation. Do you feel deprived? If not, how would you describe your experience with food/snacks/meals?
  • How do you maintain your motivation to continue eating a whole foods plant based diet?
  • How do you deal with a "relapse" into your former pattern of eating?
  • Many people have profited specifically and intentionally promoting their experience with a whole foods plant based diet. For example, they've written books, created documentaries, sold products, or given public talks. Have you intentionally made money promoting your experience with a whole foods plant based diet? If so, how?
  • Would you have done anything differently as you made the change in your diet/lifestyle? If so, what?

Thank you so very much!!

Love your whole life!

Brett Wilcox







2 Responses to Love Your Whole Life Questionnaire

  1. jeff arndt says:

    Hi Brett-fun loking at the photos of the weekend. I copied your survey and will plug away at it over the next few days., jeff

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