And The Winner Is . . . Monsanto

It’s the morning after the presidential election and I’m in mourning.

I’m not mourning the outcome of the presidential race. Corporate America owned both of the major candidates, so corporate America was destined to win either way.

I’m mourning the death of California’s Proposition 37—a proposition most of the country didn’t even get to vote on, but a proposition that had the potential to benefit the entire country.

Proposition 37 was a simple concept: label genetically modified organisms in our food.


Because consumers have the right to know if their food is genetically modified.

It’s a no brainer. A few months ago, some 90% of Californians were in favor of GMO labels.

What happened in the interim? More than $45 million happened.

But who could possibly be against your right to know what’s in your food?

Remember what I said about Corporate America? Meet Monsanto and the gang. The same companies that produce, package, promote, and peddle GMO’s are the companies that produced, packaged, promoted, and peddled ridiculous lies to convince Californians that knowing what’s in their food is bad for them. The sad irony is that this gang of fear mongers used $45 million consumer dollars to convince consumers that consumers don’t need to know what’s in their food because knowing will cost consumers millions of dollars. And enough of the consumers bought enough of the lies to ensure that nearly all consumers will continue to buy GMO’s in the grocery store.

Proposition 37 was truly a proposition by the people and for the people. Unlike the results of the presidential race, Prop 37 results mattered. Proposition 37 was a modern-day David standing up to Goliath. It had the potential to stand up to the bullies and thugs that infest the FDA and corporate controlled government.

The fact that we can’t even get GMO’s labeled in this country—let alone get them eradicated—is but another proof that companies like Monsanto are running the country.

Monsanto won this battle. Californians lost, Americans lost, and the people of the world lost. Monsanto and gang will miss those $45 million it fed to Californians like Goliath misses a big fart. It will continue to grow and spread until people have grown sick and tired of eating Monsanto’s lies and poisoned GMO garbage. I wonder how sick we’ll have to be before that day arrives.

But the good citizens of California came closer to defeating Monsanto with Prop 37 than has ever happened in the good ol’ U.S. of G.M.O.A. There will come a time when scared and gullible Americans realize that it’s time to bite the hand that feeds them lies, poisons, and crap.  For all of our sakes, may that day come sooner rather than later.

My hat’s off to the people who led—and continue to lead—the battle against Monsanto and gang, people like Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology.

(As I would expect of Jeff, the day after the vote he sent out a passionate and optimistic letter to his army of volunteers. It was so inspiring—unlike my depressing post—that I am sharing it here. Please read it and offer your support to Jeff if you’re able to.)

I honor and thank all of you for your work, your sacrifice, and your efforts. I trust that you will continue the battle. I trust that more people will join the fight. And maybe I’m naïve, but I trust that some day even Monsanto—the most hated company in the world, and with good reason—will thank American people for doing what corporate controlled American government can’t and won’t do:

Stop Monsanto, stop their gang, stop their lies, and stop their GMO’s.


Meet the gang and take a look at how many consumer dollars they spent to convince Californians that they’re better off not knowing what’s in their food.

MONSANTO COMPANY                                                     $7,100,500.00
E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS & CO.                                  $4,900,000.00
PEPSICO, INC.                                                                      $2,145,400.00
BASF PLANT SCIENCE                                                       $2,000,000.00
BAYER CROPSCIENCE                                                        $2,000,000.00
DOW AGROSCIENCES LLC                                                $2,000,000.00
SYNGENTA CORPORATION                                              $2,000,000.00
KRAFT FOODS GLOBAL, INC.                                           $1,646,000.00
COCA-COLA NORTH AMERICA                                         $1,455,500.00
NESTLE USA, INC.                                                                 $1,315,600.00
CONAGRA FOODS                                                                  $1,176,700.00
GENERAL MILLS, INC.                                                          $1,135,300.00
KELLOGG COMPANY                                                               $790,700.00
SMITHFIELD FOODS, INC.                                                      $683,900.00
DEL MONTE FOODS COMPANY                                             $674,100.00

Now take a look at the people and companies that support your right to know what’s in your food. Thank you all!!!
MERCOLA.COM HEALTH RESOURCES LLC                       $1,115,000.00
ORGANIC CONSUMERS FUND                                              $1,034,639.25
KENT WHEALY            SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE            $1,000,000.00
NATURE’S PATH FOODS U.S.A. INC.                                        $610,709.21
DR. BRONNER’S MAGIC SOAPS                                                 $369,882.70
GFA BRANDS – GREAT FOODS OF AMERICA                        $102,000.00
ALEX BOGUSKY     FEARLESS REVOLUTION                        $100,000.00
AMY’S KITCHEN                                                                            $100,000.00
BIG HEN GROUP I, LLC                                                               $100,000.00
CLIF BAR & COMPANY                                                                 $100,000.00
CROPP COOPERATIVE INC. ORGANIC VALLEY                    $100,000.00
ALI PARTOVI            ANGEL INVESTOR & ADVISOR            $95,014.37
ORGANIC CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION                                  $79,828.36



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